Hello pretty pretty.

“My name is not Pretty Pretty, it’s Barbarella!”

Finally watched “Barbarella”.

Wanted to see it for a long time and since I recently watched “Stepmonster” also with the fab Jane Fonda I was even more inspired to watch this film.

If you have seen this movie or are a fan of the band you probably already know how the British pop band took their name from one of the characters in this film; “Durran Durran”.

I do wonder though what the makers were on when they styled this film. And what did Barbarella call the effect of the “sex” pill again? Exaltation transference pellet. The effects made me think of a different pill that still goes around but with less effect (to the hair).

Also love how she couldn’t find the door to her walk in closet in the fur covered Walls of her spaceship.

Truly this film is filled with super cool mini moments.

Go see it (again?) for yourself.


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