I lift things up…

This guy puts into words nicely why most people find working out in a gym boring. I’m talking mostly about weight training here.

Today, or was it yesterday, I say this (fat) guy in the gym doing his aerobic exercises (good for him that he’s doing something about his physical condition) and afterwards he started working the free weights and machines.

I have hardly ever seen someone more unmotivated than this guy. I found it very difficult to look at and even thought that perhaps joining the mirror-less gym would have been a good idea. He was the embodiment of ‘uninspired’.

I toyed with the idea to give him some hints and tips to make his work out more effective (first step: learn to love the gym), but decided against it. Several times.

Perhaps next time I will, though I hope I don’t see him again.

(found on Never 2 Big)


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