Very important, urgent paper.

I’m so glad I opened the stack of mail yesterday evening with my boyfriend. I never liked mail, especially from the taxman and all those bills. So now I don’t need to think of that any more.

The following conversation takes place at 03:09 in the video. Enjoy!

AbFab Season one Episode 2 – Fat

Eddie: Now is there anything I should look at?
Bubble: Yes, a few of them what-you-call-thems have come through.
Eddie: What?
Bubble: Paper comes out…
Eddie: What, what paper?
Bubble: Very important, urgent paper.
Eddie: What? Tell me, tell me.
Bubble: The paper that comes out of the answering machine.
Eddie: Fax?
Bubble: Messages, letters, the lot. It comes and it comes. Anyway, them. I’ve managed to get a couple of them down. I copied them onto me pad.
Eddie: Let’s have a look. [reading] “We’ve been saved by English Heritage.” What does that mean?
Bubble: Where?
Eddie: It’s here, “saved”.
Bubble: No, “sued”.
Eddie: Well it’s only four letters out, I suppose that’s alright. Sued, why are being sued, darling?


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