And, Repeat!

I really don’t like the repetitiveness of all household chores. Granted some things like painting the ceiling only happen once in a long time, but I’m talking about the daily things.

In a one person household you get to do everything again and again, everyday.

Cook, do the dishes, cook, do the dished, cook and repeat.
Wash, iron, fold, put away, wear, wash iron fold, put away, wear and repeat.
Et Cetera (and repeat).

When I’m ironing my work shirts I do this just before going to bed as I pretend that it’s part of the sleep ritual and it’s said that repeating ‘rituals’ before going to bed actually promote sleep (and I’m a terrible insomniac).

But what if you have a household of 5 like my sister for instance.

I always refer to her house as a circus because it’s so loud and so many people are moving at high speed past all the furniture, and then there is the hyperactive dog of course.

So when I’m doing the dishes again I often wonder what it must be like when you are running a circus like my sister. In the circus it’s almost the same show every day. Probably fixed shows on fixed days.

I often wonder if that doesn’t drive her crazy and make her want to change the show, like start somewhere in the middle and work down the list and then return to start to finish it.

In my one person household (well two when my boyfriend is over) I can vary the show to my liking but when you have four acrobats, clowns and animals participating it’s a different story I guess.

So in a bit the dishes that I just did about 40 minutes ago need to be done again, and again tomorrow. The clothes that I wore, washed and put out to dry, need to be folded again and put away.

But in my one man show, with no audience, I can cheat no need to do the dishes now. I can wait till I run out of clean stuff or simply decide to do it tomorrow (that’s my favourite). In the circus this is not possible and I wonder if I could handle that.


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