Or Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness has already begun to set in after my first ‘legs day’ at the gym.

Been going to the gym religiously ever since I got my gym groove back but have waited a bit with most leg exercises as, to me, they are the most strenuous and can be very exhausting. I wanted to get into a good gym rhythm and make sure I got my groove back before starting the hard stuff. Skipping legs altogether is never a good idea. Firstly because you will look ridiculous with the well developed upper body and secondly the leg muscles are very big and training big muscles through some biological way triggers your body to produce more hormones to make your muscle grow. So training legs will also benefit the development of your other muscles in then long run.

So legs day today. Did all my usual exercises: Leg press, leg curl, leg extension, hip abductor, hip adductor, calf raise, squats and some abs exercises woven into the routine. But today I added an exercise that I have often skipped in the past because it’s so exhausting.

As you keep doing the same exercises in the same order over a longer period of time the muscles get used to it, slowing down growth, so variation is the key. So enter: Lunges.

Really curious how my legs will feel tomorrow after DOMS has fully set in.


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