Nite nite!

As a total insomniac sleeping is something magical for me.

I really feel blessed when I wake up knowing I’ve had enough sleep (without the use of pharmaceuticals).

But I’m also a very light sleeper, always have been. The faintest sound can wake me up and light of course. So for a few years now I’ve been sleeping with earplugs and an sleeping mask.

The earplugs come with me every time when I think there may be a chance that I won’t be sleeping at home after going to friends for a party for instance.  BTW they also accompany me to nightclubs or big parties where the music is as loud as legally permitted.

So I find myself browsing this adult webstore and see this lovely leather sleeping mask and decided that the cheap ones I take home from planes could do with an update and I thought these might do the trick.

Off to the store I went and tried them on and boy do they block the light! The sales person also showed me a more sophisticated version and he started to explain the extra benefits of the more expensive one, and let me tell you these are generally not used as sleeping masks. So I interrupted him explaining that I would simply use it as a sleeping mask. Judging by the expression on his face I think that must have been the first time he heard that.

At home I tried them during a power nap and it seems they are pretty comfortable too, but I’ll know more in the morning.

Also I think it would be fun to wear these during a flight instead of the flimsy ones you get for free.

Spice things up a bit.


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