Er, what’s up doc?

Today was all about the visit to the doctor.

I had promised my employer that I would see him today and promises need to be kept. Plus I too wanted to know what was going on. Was it a flu in-waiting, just a stupid case of the sniffles or was had I been overreacting all those days.

As for the latter I guess it’s best to be safe rather than sorry.

So slight under-pressure in the ears, nothing serious, throat nothing serious, all in all nothing serious. It did start serious though I swear. I guess the few days at home have done me good. I certainly feel 100% better compared to when I called in sick. But I know I’m not 100% better.

Doc told me to use some nose spray 4 times a day for no longer than a week and if things haven’t improved I needed to come back as it might be some allergy that I would recently have developed.

So called the boss lady and all the other departments that need to be in the know.

I am happy that I’ve been cleared for work and hope things will get better.

Got my new roster (been sending out positive energy to the universe letting it know what I want) and it’s certainly not what I hoped for but it could have very easily been much much worse.

Actually I don’t think I can complain. Not this time.


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