I wanted to write something about how I always get too hot in my dress shirts at work but due to the very strike dress code I can never wear anything else but dress shirts.

I started wearing them without any undershirts because I thought that would make it even warmer but after a while I didn’t like how the shirts got stained so I started wearing cotton t-shirts underneath. That prevented stains and only mildly increased my temperature.

But this week I’ve been trying out the Nike dri-fit combat compression t-shirt.


What a difference.

Only problem of course is that the logo is visible through most of my work shirts and that’s something that’s frowned upon.

So far nobody noticed. So I’ll keep wearing them and when I get an official remark I’ll pretend it’s the first time I noticed it too.

So I wanted to add a picture of the shirt i have but got distracted by other Nike Sportswear.


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