To most people growing a beard and grooming it may seem like less work then shaving every day, but in the three or so years that I treasure my facial hair I have reached the conclusion that it is actually more work.

Sure shaving every day is repetitive and can be a boring chore that simply has to be done, but it can be done almost mindlessly, and judging from all the ravaged faces in the morning that’s exactly how most guys get rid of the unwanted hair.

Grooming a beard however takes a lot more. You have to decide for instance what style you want your beard to be. And once you have chosen how you want it you have to keep it in that shape. Much like an Edward Scissorhands, though he would probably be able to groom a thousand beards in just a few seconds.

My hair is fairly curly and so is my facial hair. And I can tell you it is a nightmare getting it at the same length even by approximation. Then I always have trouble miring each side so that the baseline is at the same height on both sides. The upper part of the moustache is another problem area as I only want the thinnest of lines of hair from the top removed and my nose always seems to be in the way.

So here find myself bored on an intercontinental flight to Washington DC In one of the airplane’s lavatories. The brightly lit mirror doesn’t keep any secrets as to how your face looks after plenty of hours in the dehydrated pressurised tube. And on closer inspection I notice that yet again knave failed to get all the details of my beard correct when I trimmed, shaved and groomed it in the morning.


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