It’s definitely art, darling.

Visited the Phillips Collection in Washington DC today. Unfortunately most of the building was closed off due to the preparation of a new exhibition but (part of the) main collection was on view.

For some reason I have always had a fascination with the work of Mark Rothko but not many times have I been able to see his work. This museum has an intimate room which was constructed in consultation with the artist where four of his paintings are permanently displayed. I particularly liked ‘Green and Maroon’ and ‘Orange and red on red’.

Though I’m not at all a fan of Van Gogh’s work ‘house at Auvers’ took me by surprise. I simply love the simplicity of the work and especially the colours (mainly greens)!

‘Luncheon of the Boating Party’ by Renoir is such a well know painting that we’ve all come across some cheap reproduction more than once in our lives. The real thing however is quite something.. The texture of the dog on the girl’s lap, of the flowers in her hat and the sparkles of the wine in the glasses on the table are super to see on the actual painting.

So if you find yourself in Washington DC near 1600, 21st NW and you have bait of time on your hands, walk in and be pleasantly surprised.


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