Insomniacs Anonymous

I don’t know about others but the thing I hate most about insomnia is the fact that you can’t sleep. Duh!

Due to my many travels either way too early within the same time zone or way too short crossing time zones my circadian rhythm is so extremely out of sync that sleeping has become almost magical.

The past few days I found myself in a different time zone for 72 hours, mind you that’s 24 hours longer than planned, and sure enough I was Mr. Insomnia again.

Good thing the hotel I stayed at had a 24/7 gym that had all the basics I like to find in a hotel gym. So every morning I went to the gym at around 05:30 in the morning. I so often wondered why there aren’t any 24/7 gyms where I live so I could go for a nice work out if again I would find myself unable to sleep.

Of course come 18:00 and I would be battling off sleep only to find myself in bed at around 20:00 unable to sleep.


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