Google Art Project.

Wether or not you may think Google is getting too big a grip on everything digital, (your e-mail, all the searches you’ve ever made, street view of your house, satellite view of your swimming pool, etc) this project I kinda like.

A quest to put some of the most important works of art stored at museums of similar importance around the globe online and available to anyone with a good enough computer and connection to the interweb.

I have looked at some images and I have to say the quality is amazing. Not just some cheap ass compressed JPEG file, but a nice zoomable image of the work of art.

Haven’t really gotten around the interface yet, especially walking trough the virtual rooms in the museums I find to be not very intuitive. Then again I don’t play any computer games so I guess I’m just lacking the skills.

Have a look and see what it’s about.


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