Skimming, it can happen to you too

So here I am at the other side of the world and suddenly my bankcard doesn’t work at any of the places where it has always worked before.

Hmm what wrong here. Check bank balance, no problem there. The card wasn’t simple spewed out but the machines but came with a message to contact my bank so magnetic stripe and chip not compromised.

So very reluctantly I phoned my bank, thank whoever for the time zones, and the man kindly informed me that my card had been copied yesterday afternoon in Germany and therefore been blocked.

He told me it wasn’t a suspicion but a confirmed cloning of my card. I am always VERY careful to cover the keypad when I type in my pin so I don’t know how they got it.

Anyway now I don’t have personal cash as I don’t believe in credit cards (remember the credit crisis?) and have to wait till I get the new card with new pin when I get back home.

Luckily I have a sweetheart who takes care of me with pleasure.

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