Time for a drink

One of the most beautiful urban places to have a drink must be the Sirocco Skybar at Lebua State Tower in Bangkok, Thailand.

I don’t know the plans yet for tonight but it would be nice to enjoy the magnificent view over this magical metropolis by night holding a cocktail in my hand standing next to my sweetheart.


2 thoughts on “Time for a drink

  1. Stayed there back in October. Breat bar and great suites…although the Sky bar is a bit expensive, but with some of the best views in Bagkok, well worth it for a drink or two. Honestly, I prefer the Davies. Better location. 🙂
    Good post,

    • You are right Happy Popeye about the prices but I do think it’s worth a visit even if only for one cocktail just for the sheer beauty of descending down from the stairs with an uparalled unobstructed view of the city.

      Much nicer than the Vertigo bar on top floor of Banyan Tree hotel, in my opinion.

      Tried to find images of the bar you suggested but can only find the hotel itself.

      Greetings, Grisnoir

      Tried to find images of the bar you

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