Rated R, my favourite

Honestly I really don’t mind a rating system to rate, movies, books or other content so you may have an idea if it’s likely to be of your taste or you’d rather turn you, eyes, ears or mind away from the content.

Or indeed to prejudge if it might be suitable for the people in your care.

However I do think I, personally should be the one rating the things I am confronted with. Especially on the Internet!

How simple is it for my computer, my browser or the originating server to remember that I said ‘Yes, please’ the first time they showed me the warning? Having dabbled in in ASP databased programming storing users’ preferences I KNOW it’s easy.

So How difficult can it be for Blogger.com, owned by Google who already know almost everything there is to know about me (I sometimes use Altavista.com on purpose so Google doesn’t store my search) to remember that, yes I know some people find the content not to their liking but I still want to see it. Plus next time I visit the exact same site I STILL want to see the content without being bothered by the notice that some people deem the content unsuitable for themselves.

So if any Blogger people are reading this, please remember my preference. Pretty please?!


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