Camera Connection Kit on the go need to know

I bought the Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit knowing it had limitations. It can only be used to transfer photos from your DSLR or other digital camera to your iPad. Nothing less and certainly not anything more.

It can transfer both JPEG and RAW file types.

So I find myself using the little dongle for the first time having only done a few snap shots in JPEG. Normally I shoot in RAW/JPEG. I connect my DSLR to the iPad and all works like magic, no installation or anything the iPad creates two new folders in Images and stores the photos.

As no image goes online unedited (in which ever from, from a simple crop to full colour corrections and what not) I like to do some basic editing of the images on the iPad before showing them to friends on my social network.

The iPad has some neat apps for that. I use three, no because they are the best (I haven’t tried all the apps available) but because I came across them and they seem to do what I want, remember I’m on the go with no computing power other than the iPad.

Photoshop Express for cropping, exposure and saturation adjustment.
Photopad for resizing (it can do other stuff too but only use this function).
Photoloader HD to upload the edited images and manage online albums.

But today I discovered that though the iPad correctly imports the RAW files from my camera and displays them, none of the above apps can process them. So should you want to do basic editing on images on the move before sharing/publishing them make sure that the camera saves your shots at least (also) as JPEG and not just RAW!!

It looks like the iPad reads the directory file of the camera to determine what it will upload so images saved on the portable media of you camera by your computer CANNOT be transferred to the iPad using the Camera Connection Kit.

The image below was shot with a Sony Alpha-200 and edited on the iPad while on the road.

(image copyright Grisnoir)


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