The illusive art of falling asleep and waking up refreshed

In an earlier post I explained what I dislike about being an insomniac, not being able to sleep.

Today I was reminded again about the bliss some people enjoy of falling asleep almost immediately after the head hitting the pillow.

Don’t think I haven’t tried all sorts of things:

– reduced my caffeine intake DRASTICALLY
– no tv before bed (I don’t have a tv so in my case no iPad or iMac)
– a familiar ritual before going to bed
– yoga

Though I can’t deny that reducing my caffeine intake hasn’t improved my sleep a lot, I still have a hard time falling into the arms of Morpheus.

And it’s not that I worry about things or try to plan things for the next day, none of these things. But I do have a very hard time shutting off my thoughts. They wander from left to right and up and down the entire spectrum of connections my neurons are able to make.

Yoga did help slightly as it relaxed the body, but the brain keeps going.

It’s hardly surprising that after not being able to fall asleep easily I have similar problems waking up. Every morning is a small ordeal. I simply can’t seem to wake up and drag myself out of bed. And I’m not even talking about waking up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day or what remains of it.

Sure I’ve tried that iPhone app (sleep cycle alarm clock for iPhone) that is supposed to wake you up when you’re not in deep sleep having logged your sleep pattern using it’s accelerometer. It will sound an alarm and vibrate when it believes you’re not in deep sleep around the time you would need to wake up. The advantage would be that it’s easier to wake up and don’t feel so tired.

Unfortunately this app never worked for me as, according to the thing I’m practically always in light sleep mode so it hardly makes a difference when it wakes me up.

My partner on the other hand, though very busy during the day in a job that asks a lot of him, is not troubled by any of these things. So when I’m still adjusting he pillow he’s already sound asleep.

To balance out his ability to sleep so easily to my frustration of not being able to do so, he also has the same problem waking up.

(Image is not of my partner. Click image for source.)


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