Saturation point

When you’re exposed to something a lot, at a certain point you reach your saturation point. You cannot take in any more new stimuli of the same nature. It all becomes the same to you.

During my travels with my partner I have reached that point twice. Once in Bhutan when for the 4 day in a row we visited the same type of monastery or temple and the guide explained and explained.

I actually tried to remember what he was saying but all the names of all the deities, gods and holy animals in all their different shapes and incarnations reached an overload at one point.

There’s no denying that these places we visited were very special indeed, but you can have too much of a good thing sometimes.

During the trip that I am on with my partner at this moment I reached this saturation point again but agreed that we’d go see one more temple ruin.

Man was I glad that I did because this last temple to me was the most interesting and inspiring place we had visited so far. After visiting this temple it wasn’t because of the saturation point that I didn’t want to see more but because I thought that any next temple ruin we would visit wouldn’t be as beautiful as this one.

So sometimes it is well worth holding on for a bit longer as more beautiful or better things are just around the corner!

(Image of Pra Achana in the mandapa of Wat Si Chum, copyright Grisnoir)


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