Is it bad to be addicted?

Is it bad to have an addiction? Only asking because the word addiction has such a negative connotation.

Aren’t we all addicted to something?

Emptying the fridge at night

I had a pretty serious RedBull addiction, drank up to 7 cans a day. Some days more, some days less, but all in all quite a lot.

It took me a while to taper my RB intake to three cans a day. My moving through time zones like most people move through the pages of TV Guide is I think the main reason how I got addicted. I needed to be awake and alert at times when my body clock said it was already way passed bedtime.

I’m glad that I managed to cut down on the RedBull as it is really bad for the teeth plus it has improved my sleeping pattern slightly.

An addiction that I’m trying to re-acquire is working out in the gym. During the days I had a job working at regular hours that didn’t involve time zones I was truly addicted. If I had missed a gym session I would feel miserable so my entire social life was planned around my work out sessions.

After the job change it was nearly impossible to maintain the same rigorous schedule. And after a while I didn’t visit the gym anymore at all.

At one point I managed to get back into the rhythm but after 18 months I couldn’t motivate myself anymore.

Now I am happy that I’ve managed to get back on track and incorporate it into my strange work schedule and I’m approaching the point of addiction again. One of the things my partner and I looked for when booking the hotels for our current trip was if the hotel had a gym. I guess that says enough.

Of course when we saw that the rooms had free WiFi we were also extra interested.

So is it bad to be addicted?

(Image of Marco da Silva found on the interweb, copyright by, let me know)


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