It always, looks different on the photo

As I said in one of the earlier posts, one of the factors in choosing the hotel for the last (beach) part of our holiday, my partner and I looked if there was a gym in the hotel as we both like working out quite regularly. Though given your body a complete rest from the gym for two weeks is also beneficial to recuperation and muscle growth but both of us know that taking a short break often results in a longer break and before you know it you’ve lost your routine and it becomes a chore to go back to the gym.

I had a short three weeks break turn into a 1.5 year absence once and I certainly don’t want that to happen again. No way I’m starting over from scratch again.

Both of us are also keen photographers, though each with his own style. Often when I show my partner a shot I just took it gets labelled ‘artsy’ which I don’t mind because I know that my style of imagery is not appreciated by the general public.

So after we installed ourselves in the hotel we decided that on our way to the beach and lunch we’d pass by the gym.

We looked at each other and commented how well it was shot for the website of the hotel and how cleverly they had used the effect of the mirrors. Though the gym is nice enough and probably better than most beach side hotels it wasn’t what we imagined from having seen the photos.

What amuses me here is that our final edited images also show our subject or the situation at it’s best, just like the image of the hotel gym. Though we don’t construct images out of different images to create something that essentially doesn’t exists, we do enhance the image in such a way that the feel of the place or situation is conveyed best through the photograph. Without (some) editing it is almost impossible to get that FEELING through.

So I had to laugh at myself because I KNOW that nothing is ever like in the brochure!

Below a detail of an image that I worked on after our travel through Bhutan. On the left the original and on the right same detail during the editing process. The essence of the image hasn’t changed but the atmosphere of the place and sense of ‘being there’ when seeing it have greatly improved.

copyright Grisnoir

(Copyright images: Grisnoir)


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