There’s a person inside

At the beach it becomes impossible to hide the little fat rolls around the waist that you normally manage to cover or distract from with clothes and the bright sunlight is merciless. Sharp shadows are formed and shapes are emphasised.

I admit that I have a bit of a body image issue, but it is a fact that more and more people are not just a bit overweight anymore but actually, medically obese. And you may think it sounds shallow when I say seeing obese people hurt my eyes (especially on a beach wearing next to nothing, or indeed seeing them feed themselves).

I don’t really care what you think because it’s not just hurting my eyes it also hurts my wallet and for that matter yours too! Obese people are becoming a strain on our medical facilities and my medical insurance fees go up for them to be able to handle the fat explosion that is going on at the moment. Obesity costs our society a lot more money than all the damage done by all the legal and illegal drugs combined. And costs are only going up as more and more people cannot restrain themselves when they see food.

Don’t start the mantra that the obesity may have a medical origin because most obese people aren’t that fat because they have some medical affliction but have medical problems because they are obese! And it’s not about educating people because most people know perfectly well that what they stuff themselves with is bad for them and there is always a choice, granted that it may not always be the easiest choice.

So while my partner and I are enjoying the beach segment of our holiday we keep wanting to phone Greenpeace or some other Save The Whale organisation to haul the beached whales back into the sea.

I consciously have to remind myself that there is a person inside. A real person with feelings, aspirations, hopes, regrets, pain and love.

(Image engraving by Jan Saenredam in 1602. Source: Bibliodyssey)


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