Are you okay with this size darling?

Okay first off, my partner and I aren’t on a blogging holiday as one of our friends suggested on Facebook, we just need some time in an air-conditioned room to cool off from the heat during the day, so why not play around with our toys and share some of our opinions. Happens to be that we sometimes post an opinion on the same subject on our respective blogs.

During diner we talked about our workout earlier the day and about our progress, or our twisted perception thereof. One of my fantasies is to grow really huge, so huge that it’s not even beautiful any more. Somehow that really turns me on. Of course such size, if it were even attainable, is not everybody’s cup of tea.

My partner also has a limit for the amount of muscle on a man. Luckily for me his opinion in that respect has shifted more towards what I like since we’ve been together.

So while surfing the net I show him pictures of bodybuilders and ask him if he thinks that’s too big. So far not many were.

Now there is of course my twisted view of life, the universe and everything, and then there is reality. In reality I didn’t start working out when I was a teenager with the natural hormone rush going on and the ability to build a nice solid muscle base to work from, in reality my daily routine cannot be scheduled about eating, working out and resting only, in reality I can’t eat all the meals that you need to grow, in reality I don’t have access to the food supplements that make such growth possible. Basically reality, as is often the case is far from my fantasy.

So how big I will be able to get remains to be seen, but good to know that my sweetheart thinks the size of Samer Moukahal and his brother Zaher is still acceptable.

(Samer Moukahal in summer outfit, we are on summer holiday after all. Image source: “Muscle Lover“)


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