It’s been in the planning for a long time but only today, a little bit over a year since we first thought of it, we were finally able to go to the Weisses Bräuhaus in Munich, where my partner lives, to eat the traditional Bavarian Weißwurst.

It took so long because when we’re together we like to take things easy and traditional as the Bavarians are, Weißwurst (White meat sausage with some herbs) is only served until noon. This stems from the times when there was no way to keep the sausage fresh because they don’t contain preservatives and they didn’t have fridges in those days. We only managed today as we are still in Bangkok timezone after arriving yesterday evening after our holiday.

I was pleasantly surprised about the taste. When my partner ordered I asked the waitress if I could have it with sauerkraut. She simply answered by shouting: “NEIN!”. It turns out you eat it only with really nice bread pretzels and sweet mustard.

Also interesting is the atmosphere, all very Bavarian. Many male punters wear traditional Bavarian dress; Lederhosen for the men and dirndels for the women (actually really only the waitresses wear those).

The most interesting however was the turf war going on in front of our eyes by some regulars who didn’t get to sit at their regular Stammtisch.

And then there’s, of course, the live music played.

Two pieces of advice: come before noon, and make a reservation. Additionally if you want to be spared all the drama and not hear the music so loudly make a reservation for after 10:00 for a table on the first floor.

(Image source and copyright info superimposed on image)


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