A little break from the gym

During most of our holiday my partner and I went to the gym of the hotel to work out. The hotels were partly selected on them having a gym.

Only during our stay at two hotels (totalling 3 days) we didn’t go to a gym to work out, all other days we did. Not always our regular sessions but we worked out properly, especially considering it was our holidays.

The original plan was to go to the gym after diner today but we were both still pretty tired from the jet lag so we decided not to go. I usually get a bit nervous when I can’t (or don’t) work out for longer than three days. By the time I get to my place tomorrow my gym will have closed for the day so I’ll have to wait till the next day.

I know the body needs rest to grow, so I’ll just go with the flow and get an extra good work out day after tomorrow.

(Image Ryan Hughes taking a rest)


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