What about the dirty dishes

After being away from home for 24 consecutive days I wasn’t sure anymore in what kind of state I left it.

I really hate it when I come home from one of my many work trips and find dirty dishes that I didn’t do before leaving. But since I really don’t like doing the dishes I sometimes postpone it till after a trip (not so nice).

I could only remember that I had done the laundry and hung it all to dry, but that was it.

As you might have read in an earlier post my bankcard got skimmed the day before leaving on holiday with my partner, so I was also curious to see what would be in the mail. A new bankcard should really be there, as that’s the only way to get to my money.

Luckily it was. I didn’t get stolen by anyone in my building.

The nice tulips have frozen in time and look interesting in an interesting kind of way. I may even take a few pictures of them.

A friend of mine also got back home after an even longer trip and he posted on Facebook that he was glad his place didn’t get squatted. I have to admit that I was glad that no one tried to force their way in and everything was still there.

Everything, except the dirty dishes. Turns out I’d been a good boy and did them before leaving. I really liked that!

(Image dirty bowls and chopsticks at Prahtunam Market Bangkok, copyright Grisnoir)


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