Poseur, how to get away with it

During our holidays my partner wanted to take pictures of me. Like a lot of people that’s something  I’m not so keen on. For the simple reason that I hardly like any picture that’s ever been taken of me.

Over the years I have learned that it really shows that you don’t like the picture taken in the first place, which in return results in a bad picture only to reinforce your idea that a picture of yourself is never nice thus never wanting to have a picture taken.

So I perfected this smile, usually it comes across as very authentic, it’s a broad smile and people say they really like it (not many people can tell the difference on a photo between the fake authentic smile and the real one). And I also like most of the pictures in which I smile like that.

Now, as a friend of mine once said, not every picture needs a smile. So I started experimenting a bit with self portraits, tripod and all, where I’m not smiling. And some of them are nice, most of them are not.

The problem is that I never seem to be able to relax my face completely when a picture is taken, especially when it’s a posed picture. And these are the ones I’m talking about. Me posing in the sea, on the beach, at a temple ruin, on the bicycle or anywhere. Situations where there are usually other people around.

I’m sure they don’t give a shit, but it bothers me and I feel uncomfortable. So in all of those pictures, minus one or two, I look dead tired and you can see that I’m not relaxed and I look too much like a poseur. My partner however likes plenty of those pictures, but I suspect thats because they are of me.

So yesterday we joked about it a bit and decided I need posing lessons for next holiday. I want to be able to have a picture taken of me (in a public space) where I don’t smile and still look relaxed and like the picture.

Something Miguel Iglesias in the picture below doesn’t seem to have a problem with.

(Image source: the interweb)


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