Sheriya, or “you have a really thick accent”

When my boyfriend and I were on holiday we met this super (!) fun Australian couple.

One of them at one point told me that I have a really thick accent, first thing that came to my mind was “look, or rather listen, who’s talking! But it was repeated several times. I, on the other hand, pride myself a bit on the fact that my accent is proper English and in fact a bit accent-less as the British are never able to determine from my accent where on their precious island exactly I’m from.

I always joke that I can speak with a stiff upper lip,which I can, but how terribly tiresome that is.

Not being English you will always be able to tell I’m not a native speaker, if not from my accent then from incorrect use of the language and all it’s subtleties, but for a foreigner I bloody nearly speak Proper Queens English. And not, as this fun guy from down under suggest with a Kylie-accent. I will give him that I was not entirely sober and do tend to assimilate accents of people I talk to.

But a thick accent? [start ozzie accent] No way, mate! [end Ozzie ascent]

So I’m back in Bangkok, this time on a business trip and these two guys oogle me at breakfast. Not 40 minutes later I bump into them at the hotel gym and we start to talk. One of the standard questions is always where you’re from. This guy told me they were from Sheriya.

“From where” I ask.

Turns out I heard it correctly as he repeated, very clearly: “Sheriya”.

So I said that had never heard of Sheriya. To which he said: “No mate, AUSTRAAAYLIA”.

Now who has a thick accent I wonder…

(image source.)


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