From liposuction to altered state of consiousness in less than two minutes.

I always find it fascinating how you can start with a simple subject during a conversation at lunch and end up with something extremely far removed from the original subject.

Can’t remember what the exact starting subject was during lunch with my boyfriend and one of his co-workers at his place of work, but at one point we were taking about age, how old someone looks compared to his actual age, what some people we know had done surgically to enhance their appearance, and so we gradually arrived at body fat percentage.

My boyfriend has just gotten a new scale that calculates ones body fat percentage and some other statistics like muscle mass and water mass percentages. We both like this scale much better than his old one and my current one as this one not only indicated muscle mass and water retention but most notably shows a MUCH lower body fat percentage for both of us.

So we talked about how accurate this thing would be and that perhaps we should calibrate it by having one of us have his body fat percentage measured the good old fashioned way and choose the settings in the scale such that it’s closest to the manually measured percentage. One, if you ask me very cumbersome, way of measuring body fat apparently involves submerging the subject in water and base calculations on the water mass movement. How this is done I didn’t ask as it reminded me of something much more fun: sensory deprivation tanks and all the cool experiments you could do in one of those.

So from liposuction to altered states of consciousness in less than two minutes. Anything is possible.

(image source.)


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