Teleportation is now just around the corner.

I just read that US scientists Tom Weiler and Chui Man Ho at the Vanderbilt University in Nashville have reached the conclusion that once the people at the Large Hadron Collider manage to find the Higgs-boson particle, a by product may be time-travel.

According to the two, when a Higgs-boson particle is created a second particle may be created in the process, the so-called Higgs-singlet. The two believe that this second particle can travel through the fifth dimension, or as we like to call it ‘Time’.

“Our theory may be farfetched but it doesn’t break any laws of physics” says Weiler on Discovery News.

So I predict that once we will be able compose messages out of these particles and send them through time, the people from the future and from the ancient past (from way before the Ancient Egyptians, as after that the technology to send and receive such messages was lost) will teach us how to perfect this technology.

And once we learn how to travel through time, teleportation will be just around the corner.

(image source)


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