How do you start listening to your body when all you ever did was listen to your mind (or how I missed another workout)

They always say that you have to listen to your body.

Like many things it’s easier said then done. Especially for someone like me who always only ever listened to his mind. So how do I figure out what my body is saying?

I know that research has proven that most decisions are made almost instantly, by the heart, or body if you will, and only AFTER that decision to buy that house, change the job, or whatever, the mind starts to rationalize it. The mind does this as we have been conditioned that you need to carefully think about things before deciding, but all that reasoning is all post factum. The only reason it happens is to easy the MIND itself.

I find myself at a point in my life where I want to start shifting the focal point from the mind towards the body. As the body knows what’s best for you.

I’m not even talking about big issues like love or stuff like that but even the smaller things can get me ‘confused’ between the conflicted messages from the body and the mind.

An easy example happened yesterday. I really wanted to go to the gym as I had missed three days due to flying and simple tiredness from jet lag. But during the day my schedule was shuffled around, in an unexpectedly nice way, and by the time I got home again I felt in no shape to do any strenuous exercises.

So the body said: “take a rest” but the mind kept going on about the missed days and how I was going to miss another day.

In the end I managed to listen to the body and let it have the rest it needed, even though my mind needed some time to agree with that.

I hope this could be a start to hearing that my body is telling me something and actually finding out what it is.


(Image: Caleb Blanchard, for image source click on image)


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