Yes but, huh? Technique of changing the way you think.

Sometimes, if not more often we are confronted with the way we think. This way we think we’ve acquired over the years and has served us pretty well, otherwise we wouldn’t have gotten where we are right now.

But there are also times when the way we think is actually hindering us to get beyond the place where we find ourselves and thus are ‘stuck’ in our own comfort zone. Strange term ‘comfort zone’ as I believe that though we feel comfortable in this zone, we might actually feel more comfortable outside of it.

Only problem is that we usually get stuck due to the fact that we do feel comfortable and the way we think keeps us right there.

So I bought this little book that claims to teach you how to change your thinking around.

It’s written in a very light style and uses entertaining and clear examples so it wouldn’t be too much of a chore to actually read it. And hopefully it will be able to help me change some of my thinking habits.



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