Tokyo, not sure what to expect.

I’m on my way to Tokyo. First time after the devastating quake and following tsunami.

I’ve always been fascinated by the Japanese culture and always looked forward to my trips to Tokyo. This time it is with mixed feelings. I have no idea what to expect. What will I notice as a visitor?

The Japanese are well known for not showing their emotions to outsiders so it will be difficult to get a feeling of how it has affected my Japanese colleagues. I’m pretty sure they keep it all to themselves and I’ve decided to to pry and do what I came to do and leave it up to them to initiate any conversation about the events and how it has affected their lives.

I have as of yet no idea what the state of the region is but I think I’ll skip the subway if possible and have a get out of the hotel room with my essentials quickly bag next to the bed. Just in case…

Also feel a bit queasy about the radiation business. I’m sure it will be safe enough, but the idea that nobody can really tell what state Fukushima is in is troubling me a bit. I don’t have a geiger counter (obviously) and a lead suit just isn’t practical. During 2010 I have been exposed to 2.65 mSv of radiation during work and  I’m curious how this visit will affect that count and how it’s going to be measured.

Image copyright grisnoir

(Girl in Kimono in Tokyo Subway System, copyright Grisnoir)


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