Just made an appointment with my dentist. It was long overdue as I had a few fillings falling out a while ago. This happens occasionally due to my grinding my teeth during sleep sometimes when I’m stressed.

My boyfriend kept encouraging me to make an appointment but due to the travel distance to my dentist and my work schedule, I hadn’t managed to get to it. Also the fact that I’m not so fond of the dentist helped. But as he rightly pointed out, things don’t get better by leaving them like that.

So now I managed to secure an appointment for sometime next week. But need to see if I can arrange for transportation as the place is utterly unreachable by public transport, and about 130 km from where I live.

I guess it would be a good idea to find a dentist a bit closer by.

I find this look frightfully fascinating, but a bit on the extreme side. Also my employer wouldn’t like the new dental look very much (leaving the tattoos and ear tunnels apart).

(image source)


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