For the mouth of Mr. Brûlé hath spoken it.

The only newspaper (tabloid or broadsheet) I read is The Financial Times Weekend, and only the weekend edition. I really like the sections ‘Life and Art’ and ‘House and Home’ to me that’s basically all that you really need; quality of Life, which in my opinion must include Art, and a House to make a Home.

The first part I read is the column by Mr. Tyler Brûlé (founder of Wallpaper* and Editor in Chief of Monocle) called ‘The Fast Lane‘, next up is ‘Lunch with FT’ an always entertaining interview conducted over lunch. The interviewee could be anyone from the former Chinese Ambassador to the UK or the founder of Pink Floyd.

But I want to talk about Mr. Brûlé for now.

He and his team at Monocle, in my opinion, seem to have been responsible for a surge in the housing prices in Munich after declaring it the World’s Number One City to Live in volume 4, issue 35. The FT Weekend 16/17 April column of Mr. Brûlé was titled “Still time to catch the blossom” referring to the cherry blossom I mentioned in one of my blog entries after my recent visit to Japan.

I would like to see that people after reading that column do indeed rethink their travel plans and attitude towards Japan so the country can recover from the recent dramas. If he can create a surge in the prices of the Munich housing market, perhaps he can motivate people to visit Japan again!

(Tyler Brûlé, copyright and photographer: unknown)


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