Advice from my dentist: get another dentist…

So finally I was able to find a date I could go to my dentist. It’s my old dentist from way back when I was in High School and still lived at my mum’s. Never changed dentist because I am particularly fond of this one and I know how his modus operandi and it used to be convenient, next door to where I lived.

So then came High School, College and moving to the big city, but still regularly visiting mum and so still easy access to the dentist.

After college: work, but still time to visit mum and the dentist.

Then two major things changed. My new job was no longer 9 to 5 and has very erratic schedules. Also the dentist moved his practice to a bigger building with more facilities on an industrial estate on the outskirts of mum’s village with no public transport getting even anywhere near.

So now every time I need/want to go to the dentist I need to first find a day during the week that I’m off from work, and I can be dropped off by car by either my sister or my mother since I don’t own a motor vehicle. This is all not so practical especially considering it takes me 15 min to get to the train station in my city, 90 minutes to get to the nearest city to my mum’s village and 15 to 20 minutes to get from there to the dentist.

So basically I need an entire day for one visit to the dentist.

That’s not even that bad, but due to my erratic schedule it’s almost impossible to plan.

I knew it had been a while since I’d last been, but when I made the appointment for my visit the other day it turned out it had been two (2) years since my last visit. And that was to see the replacement dentist for an emergency procedure. When I greeted my regular dentist the other day he told me it was 2007 when we last saw each other.

So at the end of the 45 min procedure he told me that I’d better find a new dentist. Preferably one closer by.

Such a shame as I really liked this one.

(image by Adrian Lourie, used with permission)


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