Fare thee well my old travel companion.

On my travels I visit many a different hotel that will be my ‘home away from home’ for as little as 17 hours or even up to 7 days. One way to make me feel a bit more at home is to take my music with me.

Back in the days of the 2nd generation iPod I bought this little piece of electronics that have since become a trusty travel companion. Though it was never the best in terms of faithfully reproducing the compressed music stored on the hard disk of the by now vintage 2nd generation iPod, it was small, foldable and came with an array of adaptor plugs making it as international as a no visa required passport.

At the time there were better speakers available for sure, but this little set fitted all my needs. And it was could also be used with batteries, something most other models couldn’t.

Now after about, I guess, 6 years it has finally kicked the bucket.  After all the throwing around in the suitcase all those times, it’s internals must have been smashed around once too many and I recently had to declare it dead on arrival at one of the hotels.

Just did a final test at home just to make sure it wasn’t the wall socket of the hotel…


Goodbye my old travel companion. You will be missed but rest in peace in electronic heaven knowing you will be replaced by a newer better version. Just like that 2nd generation iPod.

The speakers are dead, long live the speakers.

(image Altec Lansing iM3c speakers, Copyright Altec Lansing)


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