What I consider normal and a small luxury.

In one of my earlier posts I said how much time I spent on board an airplane. Goes to figure I also spend a lot of time in hotels. Hotels in all sorts and shapes, but all in all (very) good hotels or the best hotel available in a particular area.

So I’ve become used to a certain minimum standard. But haven’t become jaded enough to appreciate small luxuries.

Here’s a indication of what I expect and what I think is a small luxury. Not exhaustive and in random order.

– free WiFi internet. If not in the room then at least in the lobby area. I still can’t believe some of the luxury hotels haven’t fixed this! The Financial Times had an small item about this by Lucie Greene in their 19/20 March 2011 weekend edition.

– in room safety deposit box (not one that you need to get a key from down at reception, those don’t count) is expected, a small luxury would be an electrical outlet INSIDE the safe so you can charge your device(s) while keeping it all safe.

– individually packaged soaps, and moisturizing lotion. Some hotels have opted to replace the single serving soaps etc for large wall mounted dispensers. I think in principle that’s a good idea but leave me with the choice to opt for the single serving soap. A luxury would be if that bar of soap would be something like Eau d’Orange Verte by Hèrmes.

– I never bring the charger for my electrical toothbrush so individually packed toothbrush is appreciated, or at least have a sign I can get a complementary one from housekeeping.

– an ironing board and an iron. I’m not at all fond of having to call for one or worse going to a separate ‘ironing room’.

– a fully functioning aircon. Not one that only has a preset range.

– I also like it when there are cotton-buts in the bathroom.

– windows that actually open are a luxury

– a gym, luxury would be a good gym. Even better if it was open 24/7

– wash cloths, you’d be amazed how many hotels don’t have them, so I almost consider them a small luxury now.

– I never watch tv so don’t care about the number of channels

– two beds, so I can choose the one farthest from the tv, those are the least used in case of single occupancy of the room

– water cooker and selection of teas, is a luxury in most hotels. I especially like it if they don’t just have sugar and fake sugar but also honey. That I really like.

– a set of aroma therapy pillow sprays to help you sleep is certainly very nice, so is the possibility to choose a different kind of pillow.

– one of the biggest things is no hair in the bathroom. Now don’t get me wrong I know hairs are pesky things to get rid off, especially when you have so many rooms to clean in so little time.

– nice bed sheets. Only once I had such nice bedsheets I had them replaced every day for the sheer luxury of it.

– food that actually tastes good

(image copyright: Financial Times)


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