Jet-lag, or do you ever get used to it?

Perhaps you remember the post about the amount of time I spend on board an airplane. Apart from the question I tried to answer in that post, people often say something in the lines of: “Well I guess you’re used to all that jet-lag, right?’.


According to a study done for a German health insurance company, a majority of Germans need several DAYS to recover from the change over to Daylight Savings Time. That is only one (1!) hour time difference.

So imagine me flying happily (most of the times) through several timezones within days. Accumulate the effects of the several hours of time difference per trip, multiply that by a few years and you might get the picture.

Or in other words, no you don’t get used to the jet-lag, it doesn’t get any easier, you just grow more tired and need more time to recuperate (also with increasing age, unfortunately).

The only thing that changes is that you know how to deal with it better and accept that the first few days afterwards you feel like a lifeless doll sitting on the sofa, waking up at impossible times and constantly feeling tired.

And it also wreaks havoc on my gym schedule…

(like a doll apathetically resetting the bio clock, image found online can’t remember the source)


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