3631 Kg CO2 less than average.

I guess this is the only occasion where I’m looking forward to see an envelope that would usually contain a bill. It’s a once a year thing and this year is the first time in a few years that I was expecting one.

About two weeks or so ago a guy rang the door bell to read the electricity and gas meters, that’s when I knew something was coming. And after my return to Amsterdam from our Munich apartment today, I went through the post and found the eagerly awaited envelope, the one by the utilities company.

It contained the yearly overview of how much gas and electricity was spent over the entire year. I was really curious because the utilities are charged in advance based on an estimation of use. When we got the keys the estimate was rather high so after a talk with the utilities company they lowered the monthly payments. I still thought it would be more than the actual usage but I rather pay a bit more each month and get money back instead of having to pay extra at the end of the year.

So it turns out that we don’t use that much energy in the Amsterdam apartment: 1.167 kWh of electricity and 520 m3 gas. Which they calculated to an emission of 1590 Kg of CO2.

That’s about 3631 Kg CO2 less than an average household.

Glad that this is not an average household in many ways!

And not surprising they restituted almost half of the amount I paid over the past year: NICE!

Using less energy isn’t only good for the environment but also nice for the wallet…

(image of two jelly fish in Georgia Aquarium taken with iPhone, copyright Grisnoir)


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