Is it really all just about your mindset?

Some people say that ‘Happiness’ is a state of mind.

I’ve been a fan of that phrase for a long while and thought it had some merit, but lately I’m starting to believe that it really is true.

Now I have to admit that the past 12 months a lot of positive changes have taken place in my life. Things have ‘finally’ happened. Things that I longed for or wanted but thus far had always been (just) out of reach. I have always been convinced that those things would happen, that ‘it’ would come my way, that it would just take a bit longer than I wanted or hoped.

I guess it’s easier to believe that ‘Happinness’ is a state of mind when you are in or very close to that state of mind. I believe that I am now in that state of mind, and if not, I’m pretty darn close.

In the past I used to sometimes drape myself in my cloak of sadness, pull up the blankets of depression all the way over my head and step, step, step down into that downward spiral of darkness. Now, I find myself able to hang that cloak on a hanger, get out from under the blanket and step side ways out of the spiral track. That doesn’t mean that I don’t sometimes find myself holding that familiar cloak, or start to pull up those blankets but I now know that I can also put them away. I don’t have to go down that downward track, I can now make the conscious decision to step aside.

I’m not sure what made me realise all of that, is it simply a product of getting older. Or am I getting wiser?

Whatever helped to bring about these changes in the way I can now look at things, at the world, at my life, I’m happy that it did.

Only yesterday (I admit it was a particularly sunny day) I found myself saying to myself out loud (like they do in the movies) that I love my life and told myself to mark that moment.

Such a long way from the suicidal thoughts I had nearly every day when I was a teenager…

Things do get better and it’s all in your mind anyway.

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