Why Frau Bundeskanzler Angela Merkel should have listened to me.

I often am amazed by how people in high places make such illogical and economical unsound decisions. I can get really irritated by it, so much so that this is one of the reasons why don’t own a tv anymore.

I find it totally unbelievable that she, who had the balls to be the first person in power to say that the way we’ve been dealing with the multiculti thing needs a new approach, decides on a whim to close all of Germany’s nuclear power plants.

Clearly this decision was politically motivated. Pressure by the people. Sure it’s those people she represents, but she does have an obligation to do right to the people and not wrong. And, had she asked me, I would have told her by closing the nuclear power plants she would be doing her people wrong. Much wrong!

Nuclear power, even Greenpeace now has seen that light, is actually one of the safest and greenest means of producing the huge amount of power we all demand for our modern lifestyle. And since we don’t intent to change our lifestyle in such a dramatic manner that it will actually make a difference, this need for all this energy will remain, if not increase.

If nuclear power plants are well maintained (unlike the one in Fukushima) and the companies don’t try to cut corners on safety procedures to save a buck or two, they are actually quite safe. They are also very efficient and don’t emit all the gasses into the atmosphere that traditional power plants do.

Sure there is the nuclear waste product that needs to be taken care of. But bear with me for a bit and read on what Mr Bill Gates has to say about the whole thing (link provided for your convenience).

By closing down those power plants all the economic AND environmental profit those plants represent have INSTANTLY changed into an economic and environmental deficit! The investments in terms of money have not been covered yet and the nuclear materials used to actually create the electricity hasn’t been used to it’s full potential. So waste of money and extra burden on the environment of partly unused nuclear material.

So now more money is going to be invested in OLD technology to create traditional power plants (sure of the next next generation) that emit huge amounts of green house gasses into the atmosphere and need to be fueled by coal which needs to be delved from our lands, creating ever more gaps of waste land where the coal is mined.

So if Frau Bundeskanzler doesn’t want to listen to my advice, and of people who actually specialize in the field, but is only concerned about her re-election and popularity, perhaps she should give Mr. Bill Gates a call, I’m sure he would be happy to give her some sound advice and perhaps she would listen to him

So please read this article published by Wired.com Magazine.

(Image Mr. Bill Gates, Copyright Wired.com, Photo: Carlos Serrao)


Update: The Green Party (Die Grüne) found their popularity rise after it was decided to close the nuclear power plants (more suggestion that it was decided on political grounds rather than environmental and economical grounds). Apart from the financial loses of simple capital destruction by closing fully operational power plants, a gap in the national budget of 1.5 Billion Euro will now occur due to loss of taxes on this nuclear energy. All of that due to a decision made on bases of popular believe and sentiment instead of a clear vision of what is needed for the future…

See also this article on Nu.nl


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