Desert Eagle point five O

I’ve never really been a big sucker for brand products. Basically I want things to be beautiful and functional, where beauty trumps functionality.

Sure there are some brands that I like, but a no-brand version of a similar product would suit me just fine in most cases.

I do own a few brand/designer products that I simply adore having and that I think show a specific aspect of my personality. There is the LC3 sofa by Le Corbusier from Vitra, the Lotek Lamp by Premsela, the Quad 405 pre-amp, my iMac 21 inch, and a few more things.

I like to mix and match though, so the iMac stands not on a Norman Foster glass desk, but a simple white dining table by IKEA, and the Corbusier is matched with a nice dark coffee table by the same Swedish furniture giant.

But loving beautiful things I most certainly am not impervious to the allure of brand/designer things.

A while ago a friend, who I unfortunately lost contact with, gave me a pair of Dior sunglasses. Up until that moment I had only worn cheap generic sunglasses and an occasional RayBan. But every time I put those Diors on my face I feel the luxury of owning them. I get compliments on how fab they look on me and you can really tell they are the real deal. After becoming the owner of a small luxury brand product I felt like I wanted more. I really could feel the appeal of The Luxury Brands take hold of me.

Only for lack of funding and my impatience I own a fake (I prefer the word ‘replica‘) Rolex Submariner. I’ve had the watch for a few years and it still works like it’s supposed to and on several occasions owners of a genuine Rolex watch (same model) have complimented me and even asked if they could hold it and never been able to tell the difference. Only once has someone who liked the watch told me it was a very good fake. Turns out this person was a watchmaker who restores watches, Rolexes more or less his speciality. I call the watch my wish watch. One day I will own one. It will be the same model, or nearly the same model and there would be no difference for the outsider only I would realise that this one is actually the real deal.

One of my dear friends really loves Louis Vuitton bags, he simply adores them. Though LV not being my brand I can understand why. The quality is impeccable and carrying one around gives you the feeling of luxury, just like when I’m wearing the Dior. He sometimes gently tries to persuade me to buy a bag too, we even ‘agreed’ on which bag it would be.

Years ago I bought a nice weekend/travel bag by Puma. I simply loved the bag, for it’s size, it’s looks and practicality. Unfortunately after 7 years this bag had to be replaced. I found myself drawn to one of the luxury brands, Gucci. They have one particular large carry-on duffel that I like very much.

But having had to get by on the bare minimum I have become very apprehensive at spending large sums of money on things. Sure I would be buying an article that would probably last a lifetime, and each time I would use it I would have that sense of luxury but it still didn’t feel right to spend so much money on a simple weekend/travel bag.

So I bought a nice compact leather bag from a major Spanish retailer to replace my old Puma bag. It’s leather so it still feels good to the touch and the design is both practical and pleasing to the eye. But it is not the Gucci carry-on duffel that I really like.

Normally I don’t like to buy the alternative, I’d rather wait until I can afford or have saved enough to buy the thing that I really want. That’s why I waited a few years to finally get the iMac to replace a generic HP Laptop that was falling apart under my hands. But cycling through the city today I saw so many ‘Louis Vuitton‘ bags carried by people who do not look like they could afford a genuine one. So I though if I had bought the Gucci large carry-on duffel, would people also assume it to be a replica (although most LV ‘replicas‘ are so poorly constructed of such poor material that they have the word FAKE written all over it) or would they think I look like someone who could afford the real deal?

I guess it’s the same with me wearing the Rolex Submariner Replica, even though owners of the genuine article have held the watch in their hands and still thought it was the real deal.

Still I’m happy to have found a good replacement for my Puma bag and I am considering to buy the matching bigger bag to compliment this bag when it turns out too small (as it is smaller than the bag it replaces) for my visits to my boyfriend in Munich.

PS the title of this entry refers to a scene in ‘Snatch‘ where the character Bullit Tooth Tony makes it painfully clear to his opponents the virtues of having the real deal versus owing a REPLICA.

Fragment from Snatch – Desert Eagle point five O


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