In Therapy


They say that if you fail, you should try again, again and again.

So this Tuesday I’m gong to try again. I’m going to attempt to get my head shrunk. It will be my fourth attempt. I have no ida if this time there will be result or what these result me be. All I know is that I believe that it will be benificial in some way or another.

There are serious issues and some minor issues that I need help solving. From The untimely death of my father when I was twelve years old to the seemingly more trivial fact that I have great trouble letting go of things.

Antother thing that I think will help me is to learn how to keep expectations realistic. Expectations of myself and of others. I think that I’ve more or less managed to not expect too much of others, now I need to learn how not to be disappointed in myself. Get a more realistic self image.

So as of Tuesday I will be in therapy, let’s see.

(image credit: screenshot of Dutch tv program ‘In Therapie’)


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