#Occupywallstreet because you know you should, but you can’t.

copyright Grisnoir

All my friends and people who know me, know why I’m passionate about not having a tv set in my home and nor does my husband.

At one point I realised that I was flicking through all the channels again! And there was never anything on. At the time there was nothing like TiVo over here and set top boxes were only trickling through into the local media landscape. I did however have a pretty customisable HDD recorder that downloaded the tv guides and made sure that the few tv series I actually liked were always ready after I got home from my business travels. The times the trusty spinning magnetic disk provided me with my favourite programs were the only happy tv times I’ve had since I was a kid.

I also noted that looking at most of the stuff made me feel angry and frustrated. Also idiotic. Angry and frustrated that I was watching regurgitated ‘news’ of things that only made me feel angrier and more frustrated. In my opinion there is nothing much new under the sun. Shirley Bassey and Propellorheads have this duet ‘History repeating'(FAB!). Another flood, another earthquake, another mine collapsed, more houses blown away by a hurricane.

All tragedies, especially on each personal level, don’t get me wrong here! But they happen every year at the same time. The people don’t build dams (or their governments like to spend the money on themselves rather then their people), earthquakes just happen better move somewhere else, mines are very fragile things they need to be maintained better (but the companies want to make more profit), and wooden houses just don’t withstand the forces of nature as well as ones made out of stone (but still people like to build them out of wood on the exact same spot so next hurricane season the house will be blown away, yet again.).

Those tragedies I can even understand. They just make me feel sad. The REAL tragedies happen in parliaments all over the world. The very people we choose, no, we entrust to take care of our country, they infuriate me the most!

Even though this place is meant for me to vent my thoughts and ideas, I will not venture any further as it will not make me happier. And it won’t change a thing.

If you want to change the world start small, see one of my other posts.

One way of letting people in charge know is to make a sound argument and hope to convince the other person (s)he is wrong. But we have learned of late that even the soundest of arguments delivered by very competent people from within the field are not being heard. Nor are do the people entrusted with taking good care of us and our offspring by managing our countries properly are not listening to anyone else but themselves.

So we (or rather ‘the others’) gather and tried to strengthen one voice by joining other voices. From being alone to being a group. From being local to being global.

And still they are not listening.

It makes me sad, frustrated and disenfranchised. I try to play a small part in the effort by turning down the heat a bit and putting on a sweater, switching off lights in rooms when I’m not actually there, buying food labeled biological or organic. I might even start paying extra to compensate my carbon footprint for my personal flights, once I find out what the airline(s) really do with the money. (On a different note, you can look it up if you like, air travel doesn’t make up for that much hot house gasses as people think or want you to believe. The concrete building industry real culprit!).

So on my way yesterday to have something repaired (that the other thing you can do to help, instead of buying a new one have it repaired) I passed across #Occupy or #occupywallstreet Amsterdam Edition.

Below a photo impression of #occupywallstreet Amsterdam Edition taking place in front of the Amsterdam Stock Exchange Building on Beursplein 5. All Images are copyrighted, if you would like to use one please contact me.

copyright Grisnoir

copyright Grisnoir

copyright Grisnoir

copyright Grisnoir

copyright Grisnoircopyright Grisnoircopyright Grisnoir


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