Siri, really does work!

Copyright Apple.

For the first time I feel like I’m living in the future!

As a kid films and tv series made promises about hoovering cars, house cleaning robots, and what not. None of those things have really happened yet. Sure there’s Roomba, but you still have to put the dishes in the dishwasher and take them out.

My concept of a proper kitchen is to have two dishwashers, one where you put the dirty dishes and one where you take out the clean ones. Is the dirty dishes dishwasher full, turn it on and after the cycle it’s the clean dishes cupboard and the other dishwasher becomes the dishwasher. Saves a lot of cupboard space if you ask me.

Anyways that’s besides the point.

As I like beautiful things but do have a fairly modest budget I have to choose which of the things I like I really need. And sometimes I simply go without something until I can buy the version that I really want. In that fashion I have waited 4 years updating a HP laptop to be able to buy a nice new iMac. I figure I’d rather wait and make do with what I have till I can afford what I really want instead of compromising and being reminded each time I use the alternative that I had rather have had the one that I couldn’t afford at the time.

My first iPhone was the 3G, that was the first one to be introduced in Europe. Sure I could have had friends get one for me from the USA but I wasn’t in the mood to never be able to update the software until a new jailbreak would be available. I have had that iPhone 3G for three years and the past 6 months it’s been telling me in all sorts of irritating ways that it really was time to update. I skipped updating to the iPhone 4 because at the time it was disadvantageous money wise. So I managed to squeeze the very last drop of usability out of the device hoping for the iPhone 5 to be presented this summer.

Imagine my disappointment. My husband and I were both subscribed to two different twitter feeds to keep up to date while on a day trip from Barcelona to Sitges. And it was there that I declared that the presentation of the iPhone 4S was the most disappointing presentation of the entire year. Being in Spain I said that the ‘S’ probably referred to eStupido (“Stupid”).

Alas the trusty old iPhone 3G wasn’t so trusty anymore and I was getting more annoyed by the week.

So we decided to both get the eStupido since the long awaited 5 would have us waiting so much longer that both our phones would have fallen apart or we would have smashed them against some wall.

I’m lucky to have a husband who jumped through a few hopes to get me a white iPhone 4S long before they were introduced where I live. And this Friday was the handover. I can tell you I couldn’t have waited another day. Each time I pushed a button on the 3G it took it about 20 sec to respond and sometimes it didn’t even respond at all (yeah been through the circus of resetting it as a new phone several times, of course. One has too with such a vintage device, lol).

It’s only one weekend that I have the phone and I feel like I’m living in the Jetsons Future! At first I had trouble understanding what Siri does and doesn’t understand and what wording or phrases to use. I’m now getting more comfortable, so much so that I dare talk to the phone telling it to dial someone’s number. Set an alarm, check the weather, etc.

The ‘living in the future moment’ was just before I started to write this small ode to Siri when I told it to remind me to buy shaving cream. “When would you like me to remind you” Siri asked. I said tomorrow at 7.20 AM. “Setting a reminder for tomorrow at 7.20 AM” and with that it was all done.



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