Patience is a virtue.


I’m such a sucker for rumours.

I guess just like everybody else “I want to believe”. So I believed the rumour about the date the second iOS 7 beta would be released. And I was released precisely on that day.

So no I had more reasons to believe that the third iOS 7 beta would be released when the rumour that predicted the second release said it would.

Well, iOS 7 beta 3 wasn’t released last Monday. And I was a bit disappointed because I was looking forward to it. More so because ‘everything’ indicated that the rumour I was relying on was actually correct.

They say that patience is a virtue so I’ll be virtuous for a while longer.

Uhm, just came to mind that the official launch of iOS 7 will be a bit of a let down as I’ve been using the beta for bit of over two weeks now. Ah well there are two sides to each coin.


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