Parents’ Manual – How To Irritate Your Kids When They Are Adults.

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(c) Rob Matthews – Wikipedia Book Project

I am now convinced that there is some sort of manual that all parents read as soon as their children have fled the warmth of the nest. I know there is no manual, not an effective one anyway, how to raise children, all I need to do look outside and see how parents and accompanying children behave.

Last night my partner had a phone call with his mother and was getting a bit annoyed about the fact that his mother has no grasp of the concept of an account, associated login and password, multiplied by the number of services used.

I wanted to explain how my mother deals with things like that: she wrote the password down, in one of her MANY notebooks, can’t remember which notebook, and when she gets back to me after locating the correct notebook and password she starts reading the password to me over the phone (usually). Then half way into the password she asks me: ‘is that a number three or a number eight?’. How should I know?! It’s your handwriting. If you can’t read it from your book, how am I supposed to be able to read it from over here?!

Turns out our mothers are quite alike. Almost down to the detail.

For me this is definitely proof that this manual exists and all parents have read it.

Knowing my mother has multiple address books all in her intelligible handwriting, I summoned her over to my place with the instruction to bring ALL her address books. We sat down for a while typing in all the names, addresses and numbers of the people she’d like at her funeral. I can’t have it that, when the time comes, no one will be able to decipher her scribbles, or locate the proper address books.


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