Up, up, up we go.

Airplane windowAerobridge

(c) Girsnoir

If all goes as planned I’ll be up in the air again for the commute between my partner’s place and mine. It sure sounds fab to have a two residence (in two different countries) lifestyle (and I’m not really complaining) but combined with a job that requires me to fly around the globe at least twice a month, it sometimes seems like this is the only window I really have.

Of course I’m over dramatising things as all above aspects offer me some unique opportunities that most other people don’t have and may even be dreaming of.

Also I have some nice things to look forward to when I get back to my home base, I’m expecting notices of two (at least one) packages having been delivered during my absence and on Monday my new iMac will be delivered! So how cool is that?!

And after having been able to play with it for a few hours it’s time to fly to Japan (-: I really hope I’ll feel well enough to go ahead with my plans and Miss Jet Lag doesn’t get too much of a hold on me (again).


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