iRadio now live in iOS 7 beta – Updated

So I woke up this morning three hours before the alarm would go off, and started the iOS 7 beta music app for some easy listening and was greeted with iRadio in the music app!

Good morning: surprise!








Streaming works well. Siri, is not up to date yet, but she’s got till fall I guess (-;

Keeps a nice history.

And offers buying from app. After only playing with it for 15 minutes I’ve already bought one song right from the app and thinking of completing the album. I think this going to be a good cash generator for all involved (mostly AAPL of course) artists and studios alike. Finally they are embracing ‘new’ technology instead of squandering millions trying to fight the inevitable.

This could be a real success! For ALL involved!

Promises ad free service when subscribed to iTunesmatch. Initially only available in the US, though in this beta 2 things work fine in The Netherlands.


UPDATE: So I thought I had discovered something new this morning at 07:20. I sent some screenshots to a local iPhone/iPad news site and received a nice reply. Turns out that this feature was already present in iOS 7 Beta 1. Somehow I have missed it completely up until this morning. Perhaps because during Beta 1 I didn’t use the music app or only today I did while being logged into my US iTunes account instead of my Dutch iTunes account.

Ah well. It was a nice surprise for me anyhow!!


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