It’s like Christmas, only better!


(c) Apple, inc.

Tomorrow my new iMac will be delivered!

And I’m so excited I can hardly hide it!

It’s gonna be soo much faster than my current iMac 2,5 GHz, 4Mb. Sure it’s not going to change any problems in my life but I’m gonna be so happy using it.

I remember the day that I finally could afford my current iMac. I’ve always wanted to have a Mac but I could always only afford a Microsoft box. Sure they served their purpose just fine. But the Mac is a pleasure to use, at least to me.

I remember when I made the decision to finally just wait a bit longer and save a bit more money to buy the computer that I WANTED rather than the one I could AFFORD at the time. So I kept using an almost 4 year old Dell Laptop so I could save a bit more money. During the time between the decision and the actual purchase I often thought that I would have so much trouble changing from MS Windows to Mac. So many silly little things would be so different and I imagined myself cursing for not being able to ‘just’ do what I wanted to do. But I decided that whenever that would happen I would shut up, step back, look at the machine and realise how fabulous it really is and I should just take it easy.

Well, I do look at the machine as an ‘object d’art’ every now and then, I still find this mid 2011 model still beautiful, but that frustration of not being familiar with the OS just never came. The only thing that took me three days, and only by accident I manage to find the setting, was changing the clock from 12 to 24 hour system.

All the rest of the time has been smooth sailing all along.

I’m looking forward to the super nice brilliant screen for processing my photos, and the relative speed bump I’ll get in Lightroom, Photoshop, iTunes and what have you. Oh and I hope that iPhoto (really don’t like that one but it seems the only thing that can organise the photos on the iPhone) will finally be fast enough to be workable.

All in all it’s gonna be a fine, fine, Christmas tomorrow!

And I hope that since I bought this machine after the new OS was announced I’ll be eligible for a free upgrade!

(iMac, iTunes, iPhone, iPhoto are registered trade marks of Apple, Inc.
Dell is a registered trade mark and so is Microsoft Windows, then you have Photoshop and Lightroom that are registered trademarks of Adobe)


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